We believe St Stephen Lutheran School exists as an extension of the home and church in response to God’s command to educate His children.

We believe the uniqueness of our school lies in the fact that Christian education embraces all aspects of a child’s development and that effective and optimum Christian growth occurs through cooperation and mutual values between home, church, and school.

We believe the entire school experience provides opportunities for Christ-centered growth and living through servants dedicated to the total growth of Christ’s children into responsible Christian stewards.

We Love St. Stephen!!

The Lord has blessed us with a sprawling 10 acre campus, which incorporates three entities, the church, school, and childcare, as one united people, all joining to spread His word.

As you take your virtual visit to our campus, please be sure to notice our commitment to students developing a strong foundation in Christ, as well as an exceptional academic program, and an extremely competitive athletic program.

Family Groups are utilized to grow student relationships within the school. The groups are made up of all grade levels, complete with an upper grade student leader.

St. Stephen creates a family atmosphere. Whether a family is triumphing or struggling, the school provides prayers, support, and assistance.

The Mission and Ministry of St. Stephen Lutheran Church and School is to bring Christ to all people and help them grow in their Christian faith, life and service.

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