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Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in keeping with our Christian philosophy of education, the following objectives form the foundation for all activities at St. Stephen Lutheran School.


  1. Teach the doctrine of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
  2. Demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit through God-pleasing interaction and service to other in a joy-filled Christian life.
  3. Actively pursue spiritual growth through participation in worship, prayer, the study of God’s word and involvement in appropriate church activities.
  4. Use the Bible as a guidebook for making choices and valued judgements.
    Evangelize others.
  5. Recognize God as the Creator of the universe through proper stewardship of our lives and resources.
  6. Model honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, responsibility, competence, compassion, and respect for authority.
  7. Demonstrate the God-given abilities of teachers and students by striving for excellence while attaining skills appropriate to academic capabilities.
  8. Create and maintain an atmosphere of love and joy conducive for people to be unique and achieve their full potential as valued, accepted, and respected members of the school community
  9. Affirm others and be sensitive to their personal needs.
  10. Recognize the body as a marvelous gift of God and actively pursue good physical and spiritual health for service to God and benefit to man.
  11. Use current methods and learning materials, and continue to study and integrate new curricular concepts.